2014 NCIFT Holiday Dinner

2014 NCIFT Holiday Dinner

The whole SPI Group sales team was in town for the 2014 NCIFT Holiday dinner!  We joined 75 NCIFT members for dinner at the Crow Canyon Country Club, followed by the speaker, Mr. Marc Haperin, Founder, Principal, and COO, CCD Innovation, discussing “The Anatomy of a Trend.”

He started off by asking us to try the most unique beverage – Lychee Wasabi !


Mr. Haperin discussed the trends related to this beverage, such as “extreme heat,” “fusion,” and “Ayurvedic properties.”  Marc explained how trends progress, giving us the example of Acai.  Before the end of his talk, we all tasted some unique flavors in a monkfruit sweetener and another product that contained crickets!

The NCIFT was happy to have their annual raffle to support Food Science students, and we learned about the UC Davis Food Tech Club’s recent activities and met the club officers.  Thank you to everyone who attended, everyone who donated a raffle prize, and everyone who bought raffle tickets and sponsored a student!


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