I ate 16 beef patties – and it wasn’t an eating contest!

I ate 16 beef patties – and it wasn’t an eating contest!

SPI Group continues to add value to our customers through education and training, and pushing the limits of food science. After a weeklong visit to the Solae pilot plant in St. Louis, MO , we learned how to make good foods better!

Our first sets of tests were beef patties. All patties maintained same level of fat at 20%, and we tested formulas with different soy ingredients:

1. The first 6 trials were 0% extension up to 40% all with Response textured soy protein concentrate or textured soy flour. My favorite was 30% Response extension with flavor added.
2. Next set of 7 patty trials was 30% extension using Response, Cenergy soy fiber, Supro soy protein isolate, Supro Systems blended textured proteins and various combinations and processing. My favorites was Supro Systems blended ingredient and of course the tenderform plate.
3. Next set of 3 patties were vegetarian with varying binding systems such as egg, wheat gluten and gum contents. My favorite was the egg containing. Super cool – we used flaked palm oil, which made the vegetarian patties look fresh from the cow!

Then we ran 9 different chicken breast pieces looking for sodium reduction options. Our favorite hands down combined a low sodium soy protein isolate called Supro 620, a straight reduction in level of salt, and replacement of sodium phosphate with potassium. Super juicy! Then we ran these chicken breasts through injection vs tumble – INJECTION all the way!

Last trials were injected whole muscle roast beef, brisket and top loin steaks. Our favorite formulas were Supro 248 and HVF 56 at 60% injection levels – nice beefy texture, beautiful sliceability and appearance, and the taste was great!

Working in the Solae meat pilot plant was so enjoyable. Solae’s staff of meat scientists are extremely knowledgeable and experienced!
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