Bacon 101

Bacon 101

SPI Sales managers love to support local IFT events, especially those that involve BACON! We recently attended the “Bacon 101 Workshop” hosted by SCIFTS/RCA, with a presentation by the Paul Perfilio from the National Pork Board

Bacon 101 event hosted by RCA / SCIFTS

Did you know that the Chinese were the first to find a way to smoke bacon? Here are a few more interesting facts about bacon:

• Applewood is the new hickory in bacon.
• People usually eat bacon when they are away from home, which is why it is a popular foodservice item.
• Bacon is muscle that comes off the spare rib.
• Meat suppliers can provide any meat cut desired but each time they put a knife to the belly it cost more.

Want to know more? SPI Group has several meat experts on staff and would be happy to help you or connect you with someone who can! Let us help with your next project!