BetaPower as an Osmolyte

BetaPower as an Osmolyte

Do you know how an osmolyte helps you?

An osmolyte is a substance that contributes to the regulation of water movement in and out of cells and tissues and controlling cell volume.


  • Cells have developed different mechanisms to regulate their water balance.
  • Water movement follows osmosis – the net movement of water across a partially permeable membrane.
  • The movement is from the less-concentrated (hypotonic), to the more-concentrated (hypertonic) solution.
  • Osmotically active compounds such as potassium and organic osmolytes increase the osmotic pressure in the cell dragging water in.

How do electrolytes and osmolytes complement each other?

*Electrolytes (e.g. sodium and potassium) and Osmolytes (e.g. betaine) accumulate in cells and work together to protect against dehydration.

  • Electrolytes have a positive effect on water balance, but a negative effect on cell metabolism.
  • Betaine is more compatible with cell components.

BetaPower (manufactured by DuPont/Danisco) is the only Natural Betaine in the market.

It is one of the most efficient osmolytes and helps keep water balance in cells. It can be consumed in foods and beverages;  and working as an osmolyte helps reduce the effects of dehydration.

Natural / Organic osmolytes are small solutes used by cells to protect them against stress and protect protein stability.

BetaPower, natural Betaine, helps replenish osmolytes lost in sweat.

Please contact your SPI Group representative or call 510-351-8012 to find out how BetaPower could be used in your application.

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