MGP’s Arise (wheat protein isolates) in flour based food products

MGP’s Arise (wheat protein isolates) in flour based food products

MGP has a line of wheat protein isolates called Arise that improves the quality, appearance and shelf life of breads and other flour based food products. The unique film-forming properties of their specialty proteins increases the moisture retention capabilities in batters and coatings. Enhances dough strength, elasticity and increases volume in bakery products and increase textural firmness and tolerance to over cooking in pasta and noodles applications.

Arise 5000 benefits batch processing time through reduced mix times, increased water absorption and increased mixing tolerances. This improves volume, symmetry and cell structure of the finished product. In batter and coating systems this product performs as a moisture and fat barrier due to its high film forming properties. The protein barrier that’s formed increases product yields, enhances crispness and extends shelf life. This added benefit is due to reduced fat absorption and increased moisture retention.

Arise 6000 is a highly functional and extensible wheat protein isolate that performs well in a wide range of food products. From fresh baked breads to par-baked and frozen bakery dough applications. This product delivers functionality by increasing extensibility of the dough. Improving symmetry and cell structure while adding strength to maintain maximum volume. The moisture retention contribution of this product also produces finished goods with a softer texture. This product can also be used as a partial egg whites replacement in pasta, noodles and batter systems due to its exceptional textural binding abilities.

Arise 8000 is a wheat protein that is prepared by removing the starch from the wheat flour. Then carefully drying the remaining high protein fraction to retain the native viscoelastic properties. This product is highly effective in applications where strength, elasticity, exceptional functionality and where higher protein content is required. It’s proven to increase volume in all flour based dough products. Application where this uniquely functional product works in include. Breads, rolls, bakery dry mixes, breakfast cereals, breadings and puffed and extruded snack foods.

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