NCIFT Luncheon at California League of Food Processors

NCIFT Luncheon at California League of Food Processors

SPI Group attended the annual NCIFT luncheon at the California League of Food Processors Expo in Sacramento this week. The speaker was Dr. Hasler-Lewis, the Independent Director at Chiquita Brands International, Inc. and Executive Director-Robert Mondavi Institute at University of California, Davis.

Dr. Hassler-Lewis spoke about the Top Food and Nutrition Trends of 2012; stating that health is driving the food industry, and has been for 20 years. Key trends include:
• energy (currently an 8 billion dollar market!
• natural (consumers are asking for simplified ingredient listings and unprocessed, natural foods)
• digestion (probiotics and fiber are still an opportunity for digestive health)

She specified that there is opportunity for product development with Mediterranean diet; highlighting olive oil as the good fat. Healthy aging is another key trend, with awareness of Sarcopenia and muscle health increasing, creating a growing demand for high protein foods. Dr. Hassler-Lewis also mentioned the occurrence of sarcopenia (lean muscle mass loss) for Baby Boomers i.e. 5% every 10 years after 50 years of age and that one study shows that massive intakes(up to 40 grams taken two or three time daily) of protein from easily digested sources is recommended.
The latest statistics show that one person dies from diabetes every 7 seconds, and blood sugar management represents a fast accelerating
opportunity for functional food marketers. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for products featuring the newest super fruit: lignonberry, which is high in anti-oxidants, has anti-bacterial properties, and can reduce blood pressure. Another ingredient to watch is Maqui berry, which may replace Acai and goji berry.
Contact us to learn more about adding fiber, protein, and omega-3 to develop food products that are in line with these top trends!

NCIFT had an information booth telling about the networking,career and food development resources of this valuable professional organization. Ms. Stacey Hawley, Kathy Kennedy, Erin Evers, Pam Vaillancourt, Andy McSunas,Carol Cooper,and Scott MacAdams were in attendance on Tuesday; Scott and Stacey on Wednesday to answer questions and sign up new members. It was a fun and informative day to learn more about the great food agriculture industry in California!!

Stay tuned for the next NCIFT event, the UC Davis Students’ Industry Sponsor Night!