NCIFT Supplier’s Night 2012

NCIFT Supplier’s Night 2012

Congratulations to the planning committee for a successful NCIFT Supplier’s Night! With over 200 exhibitors, the show was crowded and the aisles were packed. SPI Group was proud to be one of the 31 suppliers who sponsored the Happy Hour!

We enjoyed talking to new and old friends and customers! So many people stopped by see and hear about SPI Group’s newest ingredients that are innovative and natural to meet formulating challenges for shelf life extension, salt replacement and improved functionality in food products; including:

• natural plant and vegetable extracts for reduction of spoilage organisms
• NuTek patented salt replacer in all food products
• Soy Protein
• Fiber

to meet nutritional and costing challenges and make health claims in all types of food and supplement products. Contact us for more information.

Be sure to look for the announcement of the upcoming NCIFT New Professionals group, starting in fall of 2012.

See everyone in Las Vegas at IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo!