New Professionals at Clorox

New Professionals at Clorox

Many thanks to Clorox for hosting the most recent NCIFT New Professionals event!  We were thrilled to have a tour of the Consumer Learning Center, where Clorox has their focus groups and evaluations for a variety of food and household products.


We enjoyed hearing the Clorox employees speak about their business, and we especially liked hearing about “Innovent”, an employee annual contest, that helps Clorox drive product innovation and breakthrough ideas. Innovent is open to anyone, anywhere in the company and it’s a unique experience that enhances understanding of the business and empowers employees to turn their dreams into reality. We all were impressed at how Clorox empowers its employees by allowing dedicated time, executive sponsor, and training to bring ideas to life.

We all loved the clorox food products, featuring Hidden Valley Ranch salad dressing, KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce, Soy Vay Teriyaki Sauce, and more!

New Professional Events are great because everyone learns something new, they socialize with peers, and are in an environment of other food scientists to ask each other for help with work.  If you are a New Professional, please contact me to join our group!

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