November is National Diabetes Month

November is National Diabetes Month

What is the scoop on diabetes?

Recent numbers by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention paint a desperate situation:
• Every 17 seconds, someone is diagnosed with diabetes.
• Diabetes kills more people each year than breast cancer and AIDS combined.
• Recent estimates project that as many as 1 in 3 American adults will have diabetes in 2050 unless we take steps to Stop Diabetes.

What can you do to educate yourself on your own risks? Visit the American Diabetes Association website to assess your personal risk and learn how to make lifestyle adjustments.

Exercise regularly, maintain a healthy weight, and eat whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables – things we hear about in prevention of other deadly diseases like cancer, stroke and heart disease.
What can we do as food scientists and food professionals?

Protein and fiber are proven to regulate blood sugar levels in humans through their slow digestion. Protein and fiber are proven to assist in weight management by making you feel fuller longer (by slowing the intake of sugar into your blood)

The FDA has approved structure function claims for products containing protein and fiber in the areas of blood glucose management, weight management and muscle development:
Protein helps you feel fuller longer
Protein helps maintain healthy glucose level
Fiber contributes to healthy digestion

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