Reach a new level of taste sensation

Reach a new level of taste sensation

Is this what it looks like when SPI Group goes on a camping trip?

No! Actually, this is a photo of what we brought to our most recent SPI Group Traveling Road Show, where we showcase ingredients from a variety of suppliers. We show finished products that demonstrate how the ingredients work.

One of favorite demos is from Ohly, one of the world’s leading suppliers of yeast extracts, yeast based flavors and specialty powders. We show 2 blue cheese dressings side by side – one has added Ohly yeast extracts, and the other does not. The version with the yeast extract is clearly different in flavor – the vinegar/acid notes have been toned, and the cheese perception has been enhanced. It’s a remarkable difference – a much more rounded, enhanced flavor when yeast extract is added!

Another one of our favorite demos is the honey mustard snack mix. When we get these samples, we have trouble keeping it around, everyone wants to eat it! This delicious mix uses honey powder and mustard powder from Ohly’s ProDry line of specialty powders. The ProDry line is designed to offer flavor ingredients in a powdered form, and covers a selection of vinegar powders, a variety of honey and molasses powder and pantry products (mustard, etc.).

Ohly offers a wide selection of flavor tools for use in savory food products. This includes yeast extracts, autolyzed yeast, yeast cell walls, yeast based flavors and also specialty powders. Yeast-based flavors can result in very specific flavors, such as, beef, roasted poultry, smoky, dairy, and deep roasted.

Give us a call today to discuss how to boost umami, tone acid, and make flavors pop in your savory food application!