Supply Side West 2013

Supply Side West 2013

The SPI Group crew just got back from Las Vegas, where we were thrilled to see a bigger Supply Side West show- more people, more booths!


SSW 2013

We love this show that brings together the suppliers and buyers from across the dietary supplement, food, beverage, and animal nutrition markets.

Walking through the aisles, we saw booths with protein suppliers, herbal extracts, soft gel manufacturing, tablet and bar manufacturers, just to name a few. At the Supply Side Why presentations, we heard a lawyer speak about claim substantiation in dietary supplements, and another talk about stevia. If you were at the show on the first day, maybe you caught the DuPont Health and Nutrition flash mob!  There was a lot of traffic at the DuPont booth, with interest in Supro soy protein and Solec soy lecithin, plus a polydextrose ingredient called Litesse.  We also talked to many people about the functional yogurt and whey products from Grande Custom Ingredients.  For more information about the show, contact us today!



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