Supro Soy Protein in meat

Supro Soy Protein in meat

Supro brand soy proteins have a broad range of functional characteristics for applications in meats – including whole muscle, emulsified, ground, and vegetarian formulas.  Soy protein has the unique property of being very similar to lean meat proteins.  The wide range of available soy protein technology can provide economical and functional benefits for your meat application.

In whole muscle applications, using Solae proteins in the marinade or brine can maintain texture, increase yields and improve appearance.  Here are some other benefits:

  • The vegetarian market is a fast growing category, and Solae soy proteins are versatile ingredients that can help achieve a variety of textures and nutritional profiles
  • In emulsified meats, Soy protein can stabilize fat and water – which can improve and maintain texture
  • In ground meat applications, such as meatballs or patties, soy protein can provide meat-like texture, less shrinking, and juiciness.

 Contact us today for technical assistance with your meat formulation- we can help you optimize the levels for economy, cost savings, and optimum cooking yields!

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