WBS Functional Binding System for value-added Meat and Poultry

WBS Functional Binding System for value-added Meat and Poultry

As technical sales people, the SPI Group was excited to learn about WBS alginate binding systems as the next evolution of cost savings for meat processors.  These alginate-based blends offer critical, cost savings for value-added, re-structured, portion controlled meats.

One application that we find especially promising is the use of alginate binding systems for bonded meat products.

Bonded Steak

Bonded Steak using WBS

In this photo, the beef chuck meat, stew type trim, was bonded together to make a steak.   By adding water and WBS, the stew meat pieces can be formed into a bonded meat product and sliced into steaks.

The cold meat bonding does not create a processed or rubbery texture.   The process physically binds the meat together and incorporating more water. This provides the texture, yield, and potential for sodium reduction.

For more about this unique ingredient and how it can help you save money and improve texture and yield, contact your SPI Group sales person.

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