Winter Fancy Foods Show 2014

Winter Fancy Foods Show 2014

Where else could we see the newest Jelly Belly Flavor?  The Winter Fancy Foods Show in San Francisco, of course!


A beer flavored Jelly Belly! So impressive with it’s iridescent look (and alcohol free).  SPI Group loves going to this trade show because it gives us a chance to see and sample new products and network with everyone involved with the specialty food industry!  We are always interested in seeing flavor trends, like Sriracha, show up in across product categories (chocolate, snacks, dips, jams).

We look forward every year to spending a day among the specialty foods aisles filled with chocolates, olive oils, cheese, coffee, tea, snacks, spices and more! Every year newer items are added such as kombucha, chia, raw foods and gluten free foods.  We’d love to talk to you about the new products and trends that we saw, please give us a call to discuss!

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