Month: June 2012

BBQ Tips – Guest post from SPI Group’s resident BBQ Master

Did you know that the term “barbeque” specifically references Texas style slow smoking of beef brisket? Now it’s an overall term for a cooking method over open fire or flames. My preferred method is over specialty wood charcoal on my Weber kettle although the gas grill is always great for quick jobs. #1 Tip –…
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The World of Functional Fiber

J. RETTENMAIER VITACEL® functional dietary fibers can be used in a variety of food products- including breads and bakery items, cheese, pasta, cereals, and meats – all without adding calories. An ideal ingredient for reduced calorie and fiber enriched applications, VITACEL® fibers contribute functional and nutritional benefits. The combination of technological benefits, cost effectiveness and…
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Malted barley flour Q and A

Have you wondered just what is malted barley flour? Thanks to our friends at Briess, all SPI Group sales managers are knowledgeable malt experts ! Q: What is malted barley flour? A: Malted Barley Flour is a whole grain flour milled from whole kernel malted barley. It has approximately the same particle size as wheat…
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