Month: January 2014

Winter Fancy Foods Show 2014

Where else could we see the newest Jelly Belly Flavor?  The Winter Fancy Foods Show in San Francisco, of course! A beer flavored Jelly Belly! So impressive with it’s iridescent look (and alcohol free).  SPI Group loves going to this trade show because it gives us a chance to see and sample new products and…
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Scientific Literature Review: Protein-rich Breakfast Helps Curb Appetite Throughout the Morning

Research presented at The Obesity Society’s annual scientific meeting in Atlanta shows that eating high protein sausage and egg-based breakfasts curbed hunger throughout the morning, compared with a low-protein breakfast (pancakes and syrup) or skipping breakfast, in 18-55-year-old women. “Eating a breakfast rich in protein significantly improves appetite control and may help women to avoid…
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WBS Functional Binding System for value-added Meat and Poultry

As technical sales people, the SPI Group was excited to learn about WBS alginate binding systems as the next evolution of cost savings for meat processors.  These alginate-based blends offer critical, cost savings for value-added, re-structured, portion controlled meats. One application that we find especially promising is the use of alginate binding systems for bonded…
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