Month: June 2015

Let's talk about egg replacement

Replacing eggs in food products is currently a hot topic in the food industry! Prices on whole egg and egg whites are continuing to increase as the Avian Influenza virus causes more chicken flocks in the US having to be destroyed. Eggs are used in a numerous food products for a variety of reasons. They…
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Eating 3 meals per day?

Do you eat 3 square meals per day? Probably not, according to a recent Consumer Eating Behavior survey! Snacking is becoming a lifestyle! According to IRI data, only 14% of American consumers are eating 3 square meals per day.  However, 28% of people say that they eat 4 -5 small meals per day.  In addition,…
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Brine Hydration 101

Water (should be 0-6 ºC) Phosphate (because the hardest to hydrate ingredients should always go first) Soy protein Salt & Nitrite Sugar and carrageenan (granulation helps your carrageenan disperse) Color, flavor, starch Erythorbate (goes last to prevent reaction with nitrite) The purpose of phosphate in a meat application is to raise the pH of the…
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