Month: February 2016

Soy lecithin: for instantizing

Instantizing dry powders such as protein-based dry blended beverages is a necessity when preparing these beverages for consumer use. Most dry blended beverages are consumed by simply adding to milk or water and spoon stirring. Some are prepared by using a shaker bottle which helps to prevent the the powder from clumping together. In either…
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In Defense of Soy: Men’s Health vs Men’s Fitness

In 2009 Men’s Health published an article claiming that soy causes “gynecomastia,” better known as man boobs.  One, 60-year-old man developed some real man boobs and took himself to a gland clinic.  It was discovered he was consuming ¾ gallon of soy milk a day.  When told to stop drinking the soymilk, the man’s boobs…
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Lecithin: for release

All lecithin’s have release functionality in them. Some can be dissolved in oil or dispersed in water to act as a release agent on belts and conveyors. Du Pont has several lecithin’s in the Solec line that work in both oil or water based release systems. Food companies not only use lecithin as a release…
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