Cure for your Uncured Meats

Cure for your Uncured Meats

Prosur’s fruit and spice extracts, NatPre T-10 Plus, is very different alternative to Celery Powder for uncured meat applications.  “Uncured” meats containing Celery Powder are actually cured. Typically, “uncured” meats containing Celery Powder have the same amount of residual nitrites as conventionally cured meat containing sodium nitrite. 

NatPre T-10 is a Mediterranean blend of fruit and spice extracts that completely eliminates the use of chemical antioxidants and preservatives when processing uncured meats.  Prosur’s Natpre T-10 gives brands and processors a powerful innovative tool to produce truthful and transparent labeled uncured meats with cured color and no residual nitrites (below the detection limit). 

Additionally, processors using Natpre T-10 are experiencing longer shelf lives in their finished products compared to celery juice powder and cherry powder.  Challenge studies from recognized and credible 3rd parties demonstrate that NatPre T-10 combined with dried vinegar provides superior protection vs. shelf life reducing lactic acid bacteria.  Clean labeling for NatPre T-10 states “natural flavors” plus the carrier.  NatPre T-10 is available with a sea salt or dried vinegar carrier for uncured meats (examples:  hams, bacon, corned beef, smoked sausages, and jerky), Natpre T-10 CUR SB for dried and semi-dried meats (pepperoni, genoa salami, summer sausages) and Natpre T-10 EML for emulsified meats (hotdogs or bologna).

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