Sodium Reduction Today

Sodium Reduction Today

In the food industry, it’s well known that salt =flavor. Unfortunately we’ve been told that there is too much of a good thing. The average consumer is consuming 3,400 mg of sodium daily while the guidelines set by the Institute of Medicine recommend less than 2,300 mg for the average consumer. For those older than 51 or with hypertension or diabetes, the recommendation drops to 1,500 mg daily.

What does that mean to a food manufacturer? Continuing pressure from public health and consumer organizations is pushing many manufacturers to consider alternatives to the high sodium formulas currently being produced. R&D teams all over the country are looking for options to make good tasting food, while reducing the sodium levels. Flavoring additions using herbs or grill notes are a possibility, but aren’t always an option given the desired end result. Potassium Chloride was the first straight replacement, but was well known to result in a bitter aftertaste.

SPI Group provides a number of solutions for the formulators looking for flavor without the bitter aftertaste:

  • Saltwell – naturally occurring salt from the Chilean desert that comes from the earth as blend of NaCl (65%) and KCL (35%) that occurs in the same crystal. This allows for a more balanced flavor profile with a natural sodium reduction. Saltwell can be used as a direct replacement for salt in formulating for a naturally reduced sodium content.
  • Nu-Tek Reduced Sodium Salt 33 – Nu-Tek 33 is a combination salt, and potassium chloride with added rice flour. The result is a 33% reduction in sodium compared to normal NaCL, without the bitterness normally associated with KCL.
  • Nu-Tek Salt – Nu-Tek Salt is potassium chloride and maltodextrin with only 0.1% sodium, but utilizes a patented process which transforms the KCL into a product without the typical bitter aftertaste. Nu-Tek Salt can be blended with NaCL to obtain a reduced sodium finished product.
  • Ohly Americas – Ohly is known for their yeast- based flavor enhancers and spray dried flavors. They also have some great options for reducing sodium in formulas and boosting the existing salty notes.
  • Ohly Provesta 028 and 029 – Ohly salt replacers are combinations of autolysed yeast along with other components that will add the impression of salt without the bitterness of potassium chloride. They can achieve this while reducing overall sodium content. The use of Ohly Provesta 512 can also be a benefit in boosting overall flavor in a reduced sodium formula by enhancing umami notes and balancing key flavors.

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