Tools for Sugar Reduction

Tools for Sugar Reduction

Recent surveys reveal that consumers are concerned with the amount of added sugars in their diets. This combined with new guidelines for calling out sugars on food nutrition labels, has manufacturers considering how to reduce sugar in new and existing product lines.

When sugar is removed or lowered it can take away important functional attributes such as: sweetness, bulking, binding, structure, texture, browning, and humectant properties. SPI Group has a number of ingredients which can help replace qualities lost when sugar is removed.

Litesse polydextrose manufactured by DuPont Nutrition and Biosciences is one product to add to your reduced sugar toolbox. Litesse is a low calorie, soluble fiber which imparts viscosity to low sugar formulas, and helps maintain sweetness when reducing sugar.

Bars and confectionary are two applications in which Litesse helps to replace functionality lost when sugar is removed. In bars, it helps to replace binding syrup, without compromising texture. It has a neutral flavor, provides a fiber source, and even with high dosages it is well tolerated. In confectionary applications Litesse works well because it is very soluble in water, has similar properties to corn syrup or glucose syrup, and is compatible with other ingredients.

SPI Group offers other items to help reduce sugar in your product without losing taste, texture or structure. Let us help you with your next project.