Nice ingredient for your next plant-based milk label: “NATURAL SEAWEED”

As we navigate the expanding plant-based (non-meat) food applications new concepts arise. One of the more recent ones is SEAFLOUR ™. A simple name that is easy to pronounce for a consumer. But what is SEAFLOUR ™?  It is an algae (kelp) flour that is dried up and milled. It is of natural origin, non-GMO…
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The Original Plant Protein

The term “plant protein” has become an every day, commonly used term.  The original plant protein – Soy protein-has been used as a protein source in modern food and beverage innovation for over 50 years, and SPI Group has been supplying soy protein to the food industry for over 50 years! Did you know that…
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IBIE 2022

Earlier this week the SPI Group team was walking the aisles at the IBIE show in Las Vegas.  This show is amazing to us, as it covers the whole “breadth” of the bakery industry, including cake decorating, retail bakeries, as well as manufacturing equipment and automation!   We noticed savory bakery items are becoming more…
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IFT First 2022!

The SPI Group team was so happy to be at IFT FIRST in Chicago this summer!   It was refreshing to join food professionals from around the world —the first in-person IFT event and expo since 2019.  We especially appreciated the chance to network with and learn from experts and innovators throughout the food system.  The…
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SPI Group is pleased to be a distributor partner of Motif Food Works

Real color, aroma, and umami flavor for plant-based meats SPI Group is pleased to be a distributor partner of Motif Food Works Introducing Motif’s Hemami, a yeast-derived vegan heme protein. Hemami was created to meet the challenge of bringing flavor and color to plant-based burgers, sausages, chicken and other vegan meat applications. Hemami brings the…
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A Good Spore!

SPI Group has partnered with Lallemand to offer Probiotics in Foods and Beverages. It has long been known that probiotics can provide benefits linked to health.  These benefits are in the areas of Gut Health, Natural Defenses, Mental Health, Sports and Metabolism.  Lallemand’s Food and Beverage Probiotics are involved in all of these. Following is…
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SPI Group Food Tech Talks continue as virtual edition in 2022!

As 2022 kicks off, SPI Group is proud to continue our Food tech Talks: virtual edition!  SPI Group has a strong history of providing local technical seminars for our customers, delivering valuable information on functional ingredients to food professionals. Now we do these events virtually so that we can reach many more of our favorite customers. …
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Pea Protein

According to analysis by Grand View Research the pea protein market is already worth an estimated $213 million and is expected to double by 2025 as plant-based diets continue to become more mainstream. Pea protein is about to be everywhere. It’s found in burgers, sausages, plant based milks, shakes and frozen desserts. What’s driving all…
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Hank on Saltwell

SPI Group’s very own Hank Dres is famous!  Check out this highlight from our supplier Saltwell.   Saltwell’s all-natural sea salt is 35% reduced sodium.  Making sodium reduction formulation easy with a drop-in solution so you can spend time on more important work.

You Aren’t Alone – SPI Group Understands Supply Chain

On a recent October flight over Long Beach/LA harbor, I counted over 60 ships anchored or floating off shore. Every day the numbers change depending on who is reporting. However, one thing is consistent; there are major delays affecting every segment of our economy and there is not a short-term fix. Multiple news accounts address…
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