BBQ Tips – Guest post from SPI Group’s resident BBQ Master

BBQ Tips – Guest post from SPI Group’s resident BBQ Master

Did you know that the term “barbeque” specifically references Texas style slow smoking of beef brisket? Now it’s an overall term for a cooking method over open fire or flames. My preferred method is over specialty wood charcoal on my Weber kettle although the gas grill is always great for quick jobs.

#1 Tip – start with a great piece of meat!! Visit your local butcher in the grocery store and talk to them about what you are doing: how many people, time and temperature of cook, desired outcome. They are a great resource for picking the right meat and getting it on the table perfectly.
Prepare the meat BEFORE cooking. Cut off excess fat and connective tissue. Tie-up loose ends or smaller parts of the cut so they don’t dry out during cook of the larger piece. And, I like to either dry rub or brine depending on the desired final outcome. SAFETY FIRST!! I always wear disposable rubber gloves and use a cutting board reserved for raw meat only. My family doesn’t need salmonella and listeria lurking around our house.

#2 Tip – Proper cooking surface preparation!! I always scrub the pre-heated grilling surface with a grill brush to remove burned-on pieces. Once the grill is at proper temperature, just like pre-heating your oven, I rub oil or oil/lecithin blend on the clean and hot surface with a soaked paper towel wrapped around a spatula or fork. The outside crust will hold in the important juice and flavor, if the meat sticks to the grill, it will leak out like a lost plug.
Sauce or glaze should be added in the last 10 minutes of cook, it will only burn-on and make a mess of flavor and appearance if you do it too soon.

#3 Tip – Cook on the grill to 10 degrees below desired internal temp, remove and let the meat rest for 15-20 minutes. It will continue to cook and meet your desired internal temp on rest. This also allows the meat fibers to slowly cool so it will not let go of the ever elusive juices. REST is one of the most important steps in serving a juicy piece of meat.

To serve, cut against the grain with a sharp knife. We recommend sharing your barbeque with loved ones, enjoying with your favorite beverage……for more helpful tips and hints, contact us!