Solec F- soy lecithin

Solec F- soy lecithin

SPI Group’s roving report Kathy hits the street to ask: What’s your favorite thing about Solec F?”

Tim:   Handling – have you ever scooped a powder then tried to scoop molasses?  Or mess around with a drum cradle and bung?

Claudio:  Ease of use – Measuring and incorporating is so much easier

Russ: Versatility – use it in bakery for softness, beverage for mouthfeel, meats for fat tie-up

Erin:  I often suggest it for emulsification of sauces – it’s my most sampled ingredient, it’s versatile in application, it solves problems; plus it has an IP version for our non-GMO Project conscious customers!

Nick (SPI Group Warehouse Manager) & Stacy (SPI Group Customer Service Manager): It’s so easy to ship because pallets are perfectly square and wrapped, on UPS you don’t have to do anything because it’s in a box already.

David: Universability – Bakery, beverage, anything I want!!

Artisan Bakery Customer A: It’s so easy – costs us a little more but we can dump it with our dry ingredients

R&D Consultant B: Works in all applications – We always have a few containers of Solec F in the sample cabinet, plus we can call you (SPI Group) to ask how to use it!

Flat Bread Customer C: It works! – We use it because it’s not adding oil and it improves the dough sheeting so it’s smooth, silky and doesn’t stick.

Oil Blending Customer D:  Safety – Once we had an employee slip on liquid lecithin that had been spooned into a bucket carried and spilled.  The higher cost of dry lecithin would never be as much as the pain of the injury, and pain to our safety record.

What is YOUR favorite thing about Solec F?  Send me a note about your favorite attribute, better yet, ask for a sample of our sunflower version – [email protected]

Phosphatidyl choline – the most famous of the phospholipids in lecithin

Phosphatidyl choline – the most famous of the phospholipids in lecithin

Feeling bad because you don’t know what Solec F is?  Its soy lecithin with the oil removed so it’s 97% active lecithin or phospholipid.  Phospholipids have a water and fat loving end of their molecular chain which means they can bind water and fat together.  They are from the fat portion of the soybean so they are soluble in fat so even when you only have a little water, it makes a nice smooth system.  Drink, dough, sauce, filling – give Solec F a try today!


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  1. I need a sample. Need IP though.

  2. I’d like a non gmo sunflower product that meets the nutritional information of Solec F lecithin. I would also like the nutritinal information of Solec F. The product I’m using now has 11g of fat per 15g serving. I’d like to know the percentage of Phosphatidylcholine per gram as well. Thanks, Bruce

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