Response Soy Protein Concentrate

Response Soy Protein Concentrate

I think “Response” is a very appropriate name for a functional ingredient, ideal for ground meat or vegetarian applications.

Response® Textured soy protein concentrate is very effective in:

  • Reducing cost
  • Increasing yields
  • Providing the desired texture
  • Providing the desired appearance
  • Binding water
  • Helping reduce fat in a formulation

The Response textured soy protein concentrate line provides a minimum protein level range of 64.8 to 70%, dry basis. This means you could have an approximate water:Response ratio of 2.60 to 2.85, to resemble the protein content of meats. This makes possible part of the cost savings you can achieve from the use of Response.

Response soy protein concentrate is also approved in Child Nutrition meat or vegetarian based products.  DuPont Nutrition & Health / Solae manufactures a variety of Response products that vary in size, color, shape and density. Our experience has shown that the different Response SKUs provide the needed flexibility, which can adapt to your process. Let us know what is your application and we will be happy to respond with the best “Response”!


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