The Drought DOES NOT Need to be Your Own Food Disaster!!

The Drought DOES NOT Need to be Your Own Food Disaster!!

According to Food Business News, the crop conditions continue to worsen.

What this means is an escalation in the costs to produce livestock and ultimately to make nutritious food products from animal proteins. As an industry we will see our prices to consumers go up and portion sizes go down. For sensitive populations like Child Nutrition and School Food Service, or hospital feeding for elderly, these raising costs are a problem as animal proteins are a cornerstone of these diets and often they are paid for by government feeding programs.

Fortunately, SPI Group and our suppliers of functional ingredients have solutions to this problem!

Soy protein is a complete protein, as good for growing bodies as milk, eggs and beef. Even though the cost for commodity soybean meal is climbing, it’s still more economical and a better eating experience to make a beef patty or roast beef with soy protein.

•Did you know that one acre of farmland can produce 20 pounds of beef and 356 pounds of soybeans?! At a pound a day, that is inefficient food! I love this sustainability clip from Solae (be sure to turn on the sound!).

•Our beef collagen and alginates can provide the juiciness and texture of meat without adding cost through their high levels of extension and hydration.

•Our functional fibers from soy, potato and oat can bind 7-10x their weight in moisture and are allowable by the USDA.

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