Month: August 2013

Protein and Flax in nutrition bars

Sometimes I am asked what is the highest protein level nugget we can offer. I am always happy to say it is a 90% soy protein nugget. On the other hand, I am also asked what is the lowest protein level nugget we have, and I am happy to answer it is 30%. We also…
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Authentic Yogurt Powder

Our friends at Grande Custom Ingredients have their own blog now! Check out this post on How To Bring Authentic Yogurt Flavor To Packaged Foods & Beverages

Healthy Snacking Makes it to School

The 2013-14 school year marks the beginning of USDA’s “Smart Snacks in School” program.  This means foods and beverages outside of the National School Lunch Program which are offered for sale in public schools.  The new standards aim to align for sale foods or “a la carte” foods with the new NSLP which require less…
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Great times on SPI Group's first trip to the SMA Annual Convention!

SMA is a trade organization called the Southwest Meat Association – what a great organization!  I particularly appreciate the sense of community for the meat industry in Texas and surrounding states.  SMA and their industry members work hard to continue to add value to their businesses and the industry through this informative conference. All the…
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