Month: March 2016

Panodan 150 – The Problem Solver

While many consumers are looking for cleaner labels, there are those that demand products with convenience and value. For manufacturers  of these items, there are often emulsification challenges that are not easily overcome. That’s where DATEM can help. Technically Di-acetylated tartaric acid ester of monoglyceride blended with mono-diglcerides, and sold as Panodan 150. First a…
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Lecithin for better machinability of various doughs

Lecithin is used in bakery products for many very good reasons, including emulsification, volume, symmetry, crumb structure and tenderness, product shelf life and batter viscosity. But there is also another specific reason it’s being used in a large variety of bakery products. It’s for the excellent dough conditioning and machinability qualities that lecithin imparts to…
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Keeping Ready-To-Eat Prepared Refrigerated Foods and Entrees Fresh and Safe

Recent food trends indicate consumers want freshly prepared and less processed foods with clean labels. For manufacturers and food retailers, distributing fresh refrigerated foods require additional protection from spoilage and pathogenic microorganisms. Beyond the normal hurdles of a cooking step,lower pH,reduction of moisture, and competitive exclusion of unwanted microorganisms, food companies are investing or treating…
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