A Good Spore!

A Good Spore!

SPI Group has partnered with Lallemand to offer Probiotics in Foods and Beverages.

It has long been known that probiotics can provide benefits linked to health.  These benefits are in the areas of Gut Health, Natural Defenses, Mental Health, Sports and Metabolism. 

Lallemand’s Food and Beverage Probiotics are involved in all of these. Following is a summary:

Bacillus subtilis Rosell 179 spore probiotic is the most resistant to adverse conditions for survival. This is due to the endospore (protein coating), which develops to protect the genetic material.

It allows the probiotic microorganisms to survive conditions such as:

1. Extreme temperatures

2. Extreme pH & acid

3. High pressure process & pasteurization

4. Digestive conditions

5. Long term storage

This protective endospore allows B. subtilis to germinate in the stomach and successfully reach the human intestinal tract.

It is why Rosell 179 can be used effectively in various foods and beverages including: bakery, confectionary, non-alcoholic beverages, granolas, bars, powders and other functional foods.

Rosell 179 provides benefits in the areas of gut health, natural defenses and metabolism.

A few specific applications are in dry-mix ingredients, cookie dough baking temperature, orange juice (acid), fruit preserve (strawberry), non-dairy milk (before pasteurization), HPP orange juice and soymilk.

Additionally, the Lallemand Food and Beverage Probiotic line also includes the non-spore forming         L. helveticus, L. rhamnosus, B. longum and B. lactis which also survive heat, compression and gastric acidity conditions though the patented “Process Protect” technology. 

All of these probiotics can be utilized individually or in combination to provide the desired benefits.Please contact your SPI Group account manager if you have any question regarding Lallemand’s Food and Beverage Probiotics.