Tasty Bites from the NCIFT Suppliers Night

Tasty Bites from the NCIFT Suppliers Night

Did you see the SPI Group team at NCIFT Supplier’s night? We were proud to be a sponsor of the show this year!  Maybe you saw us next to our supplier partner Prosur and tasted their clean label deli meat; or maybe you talked to us with our partner JRS about dietary fiber ingredients.   

We hope you got a chance to try *both* our Miso Ranch Mash-ups! One had white miso powder, and the other had red miso powder. Tasting both of these provides a great opportunity to experience the unique flavor of the miso powder ingredients from our newest supplier partner Nikken.  The miso adds savory, tangy notes to classic ranch flavor profile.     

Did you taste the Chimichurri chips featuring savory ingredients from Ohly?  We like how vinegar powder, Brined Jalapeno powder, lemon powder and yeast extract all come together for a bright, flavorful snack seasoning.  The lemon juice powder creates a fresh lemon profile in this seasoning, while the Brined Jalapeno powder adds heat and fermented notes of brined Jalapeno slices.

If you missed tasting any of these, please contact us to set up a tasting today!

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