Functional Fiber Gels from Cellulose

Functional Fiber Gels from Cellulose

Did you know that cellulose is the most common organic compound on Earth?  33% of all plant materials is cellulose. One of my favorite facts is that a carrot has the same amount of water as a glass of milk – 87% – all contained and held firm by cellulose.

Cellulose Fiber is like a rope; strands of long cellulose fibers are held together by an exterior coating called lignan.  When the lignan is removed cellulose unravels and we can make a soluble cellulose gel when these long strings are shortened.

The best part about this for food scientists is that cellulose gels can be hot or cold reversible.  Need a cheese sauce to be firm when cool and runny when hot? Try methylcellulose. How about getting your low pH, high sugar and salt BBQ sauce firmer and stickier?  Try hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose.  

One really important part of the new plant-based trend is creating a firm emulsion.  To keep flavor and mouthfeel tasting awesome and looking stable, make a methylcellulose emulsion first.  White and clear in appearance with no flavor, look for your solutions right at nature’s source.

Content by special thanks to J. Rettenmaier USA the largest fiber company in the World