Just back from IFT15 in Chicago

Just back from IFT15 in Chicago

The SPI Group team has just returned from Chicago, attending IFT 15!


Attendees that stopped at the Grande Custom Ingredients booth were treated to a high protein cucumber water, containing 10g of protein per 8 oz.  This refreshing beverage featured Grande Ultra, a clean, neutral-flavored whey protein isolate. We also enjoyed the high protein maple granola containing WP Crisp, which added a protein boost and a crunchy texture to the granola!

Over at the Wenda Ingredients booth, we were busy talking to customers about natural meat products, extending shelf life naturally with natural fruit and spice extracts, and all natural phosphate replacers.

IFT 2015

At the Saltwell booth, people were interested to learn about the sea salt with naturally reduced sodium content. Everyone in the Expo could smell the delicious sausages made with Z-trim, a fiber with unsurpassed water holding capacity that helps reduce cost and improve yield. Of course, lots of comments were overheard on the show floor about the Ghost pepper flavored soft serve, swirled with the pork belly flavored chocolate soft serve from Fontana Flavors. Fontana specializes in savory flavors and we were thrilled to see the unique savory/sweet combination!

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