The Original Plant Protein

The Original Plant Protein

The term “plant protein” has become an every day, commonly used term.  The original plant protein – Soy protein-has been used as a protein source in modern food and beverage innovation for over 50 years, and SPI Group has been supplying soy protein to the food industry for over 50 years!

Did you know that soy protein concentrate dates back to the 1930s? Soy protein Isolate was discovered in 1959, and extensive research during the 1960s led to Supro soy protein isolate being allowed for use in infant formulas. 

Ongoing research of soy protein led to the approval of an FDA health claim linking soy protein consumption to cardiovascular disease risk reduction in 1999. Ongoing population data confirm this health benefit long term.

Here at SPI Group, we appreciate soy protein’s wide range of functionality.  With protein levels ranging from 50-90% (dry basis), there are many formats of soy protein to choose from when formulating. We have successfully worked on a diverse range of applications such as nutritional beverages and bars, cereals and snacks, processed meat, as well as plant-based meat and dairy alternatives.  We especially appreciate the textured soy proteins, which has a double function for adding texture and additional protein at the same time! 

Talk to your SPI Group representative about the role our soy proteins can play in your plant based and other formulations.  For over 50 years we have been your expert resource for these amazing technologies.