Food Tech Talks: Virtual Edition

Food Tech Talks: Virtual Edition

SPI Group has a strong history of providing local technical seminars for our customers, delivering valuable information on functional ingredients to food professionals.  Although we are all currently under the COVID-19 restrictions, I am so proud to announce that we converted our Food Tech Talks into a virtual edition!  We recently hosted a 3-part series on the topic of Plant Based Meat Analogs. 

Our supplier partners worked closely with us to provide detailed information for formulating plant based meat analogs.  We discussed the role of fruit and spice extracts to reduce oxidation and microbial degradation to protect color, flavor and texture.  In a separate session, we discussed the unique fibrous structure of the TRUTEX® plant based textured proteins and the variety of shapes, sizes, and colors available. 
It was helpful to have sample formulations to look at and learn about the multiple ingredient options to assist in creating products with meat-like appearance and texture.

SPI Group has a full toll box of ingredient solutions to assist in formulating meat alternatives, please contact us to discuss your plant based product!

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