Bacon 101

SPI Sales managers love to support local IFT events, especially those that involve BACON! We recently attended the “Bacon 101 Workshop” hosted by SCIFTS/RCA, with a presentation by the Paul Perfilio from the National Pork Board Did you know that the Chinese were the first to find a way to smoke bacon? Here are a…
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The Scoop on NCIFT

Last night’s NCIFT “New comers” meeting was awesome. The National Food Lab, or NFL, opened their doors wide open for our local industry to tour and learn more. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL FACILITY!! If you are in need of R&D, Sensory, Microbiology or Chemistry work, the NFL is the place for you. Everyone commented on how…
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SJIFT Golf Tournament

On Thursday, October 6th, the 13th annual SJIFT Scholarship Golf Tournament was held at the Riverbend Golf Course in Madera. It was a beautiful day for golf and Scott Nichols of ET Horn, Erin Dormedy, Food Technology Professor at Fresno State University and FSU Student volunteers made the event extremely organized and enjoyable for all.…
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Supply Side West 2011

We just got back from Supply Side West 2011 – at the lovely Venetian & Sands Expo in Las Vegas! It was great to see so much science and innovation for healthier foods and beverages – in addition to herbs, botanicals, spices, probiotics, omega-3s – organic, gluten free, and rain forest certified! With nearly 10,000…
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The Story of Briess

We love our supplier Briess! Many of you have probably tasted their delicious malted milk balls that we often bring to trade shows, but did you know that Briess is the second largest brewer in Wisconsin? (what? a brewer that does not make beer?!) And while they do make malt, they have a wide range…
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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The scoop on soy and breast cancer is that soy is a great source of protein, and it has very strong links to reducing breast cancer risk. The below is taken from the Soyfoods Association of North America: “A growing body of research shows that eating a healthy diet that includes soyfoods protects against breast…
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Lecithin- a functional ingredient for a product developer's toolbox

What a treat it was to attend a lecithin training session at Solae headquarters in St. Louis this week! Solae has an awesome technical group that provided this training, including hands-on demonstrations in the Solae bakery and lecithin labs. Lecithin is an extremely versatile tool in a product developer’s toolbox of functional ingredients. Lecithin can…
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Creation in Motion – an innovation seminar brought to you by SPI Group

Last week we had over 100 attendees at Creation in Motion; the SPI seminar! This half day event started off with 2 technical sessions presented by suppliers in the morning, followed by lunch and our keynote speaker, Dr. Elizabeth Sloan. Many thanks to our partners from Solae, Grande Custom Ingredients, and Ohly Americas for their…
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Soy, the sustainable protein

Soy, the sustainable protein Soy protein is an environmentally sustainable, economically efficient and healthy alternative to meet growing global demands. Check out this short video for details!

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