Functional & Versatile PEA FIBER!

Functional & Versatile PEA FIBER!

Swelite C is a functional pea fiber manufactured by Cosucra, the makers of Pisane pea protein.

Swelite C is a plant-based, clean-label, non-gmo, and sustainably sourced technical solution for savory applications. Made from the cell wall of yellow peas, Swelite C is an insoluble fiber with superior water and fat binding capabilities. Water retention in Swelite is 10:1 and water and fat binding is 1/5/5.   Swelite C works in both cold and hot emulsions. Swelite’s composition is Fiber: 48% (+/-3%), Starch: 36% (min), and Protein: 7% (max). It gluten-free, allergen free, and suitable for both vegetarian and vegan applications.

In plant based applications, Swelite C forms a ‘matrix’ within the vegetable paste that helps to retain shape, keeping products in their original form and controls cooking losses. Swelite C is low dusting, and is not ‘sticky’; both qualities a benefit during production. 

Swelite C is an excellent technical solution for to moisture management and freeze/thaw stability in savory applications such as pasta fillings, and savory baked goods. It is light in color, with a neutral flavor and it does not have an influence on the pH in the final application. 

If you would like to learn more about how Swelite C can work in your savory applications, SPI Group would be happy to schedule a visit!