Why consider Essentia proteins? They make your meat products better!

Why consider Essentia proteins? They make your meat products better!

SPI Group has partnered with Essentia Protein Solutions to provide a full product line of functional animal protein ingredients including beef, chicken, pork and turkey. Whether you are working on a clean label formula, want to add meaty notes or reduce formula costs, Essentia has a number of platforms that can support your development efforts. These product categories include Stocks and Broths, ScanPro and ProFlavor.

Stocks and Broths: Enhance your protein content, improve your label, or simply replace the desired flavors lost during processing 

ScanPro: Finely ground, injectable, and highly functional protein ingredients that can improve yield, purge, texture, and sliceability in fresh and processed meat products. 

Proflavor: Ideal if you are looking for intense meat-based flavors.

Clean label initiatives are dominating new product development. Essentia’s clean label stocks and broths can provide a road map to premium and value-added products. Increasing yield, both raw and cooked is an added benefit. 

The best way to demonstrate Essentia’s effectiveness is to see a formula using ScanPro versus control. For instance, the chart below demonstrates that by adding ScanPro P5505 and water, you can increase raw, cooked, and processing yields, 9-11% in cooked fresh pork sausage. It also produces a softer, juicier cooked product.