NEW Non-GMO Project verified ProDry ingredients

NEW Non-GMO Project verified ProDry ingredients

SPI Group and Ohly Americas is pleased to announce our new NON GMO Project Verified PRODRY products.  “GMO-free” is one of the top five claims US shoppers seek when purchasing foods.  Non-GMO claims are found in a variety of product categories including snacks, bakery, dairy, drinks, soups and seasonings.

Ohly Americas has launched this line of products to demonstrate their commitment to transparency with manufacturers and consumers.  The Non GMO Project Verified line includes:

  • Cayenne Pepper Sauce Powder
  • Dijon Mustard Powder
  • Salad Mustard Powder
  • White Distilled Vinegar Powder
  • Honey Powder

The key benefits of our PRODRY product line are their great flavor in an easy to use powder form.  Heat and complex flavors are consistent batch to batch.  Easy to measure powders vs difficult liquids or pastes creates less waste, and our long shelf life creates flexibility in your supply chain.

Contact your SPI Group sales representative for more information.