Fiber Facts

Fiber Facts

Friends of SPI Group recently participated in our 13th Food Tech Talk titled “Fiber Facts.” Did you know
that 60% of American SAY they want to consume more fiber, but fewer than 5% of Americans actually
get the daily recommended intake? J. Rettenmaier USA dietary fibers can help provide the nutritional
fiber your consumers want, and provide technical assistance to help make your food products better.
Fiber is clean label, natural and totally sodium and sugar free. Some of our fibers are Non-GMO Project
Verified and Organic certified.

My favorite part of the Fiber Facts seminar was out discussion about the difference in lignan content of
different fibers and how they can help finished product be better.
• Long flexible fiber with high lignan can make a cracker or cookie crunchier (Vitacel HF 200-150)
• Long flexible fiber with low lignan can reduce cracking and breakage in crackers or toasted
bakery goods and decrease breakage in transport (Vitacel HF/WF 200)
• Short fibers with low water absorption make “excellent source of fiber” claims easy (Vitacel HF 550-30)

In this picture Canadian Harvest HF 610 is on the left and Vitacel HF 301 is on the right, same use level in the same formulation.  See how the HF 610 is taller and lower diameter than the HF 301 containing cookie?   They have similar fiber lengths but HF301 has less lignans so the fiber network is more relaxed.

And how about these buns?  The addition of Vitacel HF 200 totally eliminates cracking and checking when the buns are toasted.

Ask your SPI Group sales representative what the best fiber might be for your application!