SPI Group Food Tech Talks continue as virtual edition in 2022!

SPI Group Food Tech Talks continue as virtual edition in 2022!

As 2022 kicks off, SPI Group is proud to continue our Food tech Talks: virtual edition!  SPI Group has a strong history of providing local technical seminars for our customers, delivering valuable information on functional ingredients to food professionals. Now we do these events virtually so that we can reach many more of our favorite customers. 

Most recently, our supplier partner Saltwell (link to Saltwell website here) presented Your Better Choice to reduce sodium and meet FDA Targets. 

During this webinar, Saltwell presented information about why sodium reduction is important.  Additionally, international sodium reduction initiatives were presented, as well as information on the World Health Organization global sodium benchmarks. 

There was some great information about how Saltwell can be used as a natural and clean label solution for sodium reduction and meeting the FDA Short term targets. 

In October 2021, the FDA issued voluntary sodium reduction guidelines aimed at food manufacturers, restaurants, and food service operations.  These guidelines have the goal of reducing daily sodium intake in the population by 12%, within a 2.5 year timeline.

The FDA has given information on 16 overarching categories with individual sodium targets for 163 subcategories of commercially prepared food.

We had a lot of interest during the portion of the webinar dedicated to market examples using real life nutrition information and sodium content information collected from different brands and retailers, including sausages, plant based meat analogs, and soups.  

We have information on other categories as well, so please contact us to discuss your current sodium reduction projects!