The Demand for Clean-Label Continues – Antioxidants: Prevent Food Spoilage with Guardian

The Demand for Clean-Label Continues – Antioxidants: Prevent Food Spoilage with Guardian

In our last blog post, we covered how synthetic anti-microbial (see previous blog post) were widely accepted in the past but are no longer label friendly.  Anti-oxidants are following the same trend!    

GUARDIAN® Natural Extracts & Flavorants are a range of plant extracts with flavoring and antioxidant properties.  These natural ingredients can prevent rancid off-flavor development, reduce color change and contribute to fresh flavor of foods throughout shelf-life.  We like that the Guardian products meet consumer demand for familiar ingredient labels and are easy to use.  This includes rosemary extract, green tea extract, and chamomile extracts.

In considering oxidation control, it is important to minimize exposure to:

  • Heat 
  • Light 
  • Oxygen
  • Metal

So, one may consider refrigerated temperatures or using opaque packaging. Additionally, one would consider adding an antioxidant ingredient.   Your choice of anti-oxidant may be specific to the need for oil dispersible vs. water dispersible and liquid vs. powder.  Of course, regulatory considerations are important and sensory impact as well.  Your SPI Group representative can help you make the best choice!  

We have success using antioxidants in many different application areas including:

  • Bakery products: cookies and crackers
  • Dressings and sauces 
  • Dips
  • Snack foods
  • Meat products

Meat products in particular can be susceptible to lipid oxidation – especially in ground meats. No one wants that off-flavor and odor in food, often called warmed-over flavor. We recently worked on using antioxidant ingredients for sensory improvement in cooked turkey meatballs and refrigerated sausages.  

Consumer demand for food products that meet clean label expectations, meaning ingredients that are understood, continues to be an important challenge for product developers.   Shelf life needs are more important than ever!   Contact us to discuss how we can help with natural anti-oxidants.