Fun Vegan Marshmallow Tasting Event!

Fun Vegan Marshmallow Tasting Event!

The SPI Group team recently participated in a virtual tasting event, featuring new product demos from the fantastic IFF team!  With growing interest in plant-based snacking and sugar reduction, we know that consumers are looking for innovative new snacks that meet both requirements.  

We have seen the trends of Keto and vegan diets as growing forces in snacking discussion, and were so impressed with the vegan marshmallow products that we tasted! 

The demos that we tested feature the new VEGEDAN confectionary systems from IFF.  These unique ingredient systems can provide plant-based aerated marshmallow, nougat, and meringue type products.  Traditionally, egg white and/or gelatin has been used to create aeration and provide texture.  The VEGEDAN system uses a blend of plant-based ingredients to provide aeration without egg whites or gelatin.

We have seen this versatile system in several different applications, including high fiber and high protein products.  The VEGEDAN system can be modified for enhanced binding properties or specific texture properties such as gelling.  Additionally, the vegan marshmallow is heat stable and the whole system is allergen free. 

We have the technical support available to help you work with the VEGEDAN in your particular system and process.  We also have some really great tastings available – call us today!