The New Nutrition Facts Panel

The New Nutrition Facts Panel

By now you have probably changed formulas and packaging to be compliant with the new nutrition facts panel labeling. The biggest changes are of course the way it looks to consumers. Unknown to them is our formulation changes to comply with added sugar claims, new fiber definitions, and of course RACC as related to single serving packages.

How is this relevant going forward? No one knows how consumers will really respond, will they notice the changes in calories, fiber and carbohydrates? The Wall Street Journal ran an article last November
about the nutrition facts panel changes, highlighting sugar labeling. No one commented – no blog post inquiries, no published letters to the editor. My guess is the difference between added sugar and naturally occurring sugar is hard to understand.

According to HealthFocus Int’l 2019 USA Trend Study, 45% of label readers look at calorie content, 57% look at total sugar, and 45% said they want to reduce their intake of sugar.

According to Innova Market Insights, “No added sugar” was the most prominent sugar related claim in2018.

SPI Group is here to help you respond to consumer concerns with ingredients that can provide options.

Honey and Molasses powder for sweetness without being “added sugar.” Organic inulin for all-natural binding and soluble fiber contribution. Oat, wheat, pea, cellulose and all other fibers that also count for fiber contribution.
What about our sweetness enhancers from Ohly?
Perhaps you aren’t aware that we work with gum acacia? It’s an emulsifier, viscosifier and provides great stability all while contributing to your total fiber content.

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