Why Chose a Plant Based Diet?

Why Chose a Plant Based Diet?

There are so many articles about plant-based foods and in the ingredient world – how to formulate them. This month we’re trying address the human health aspects of why people might want to choose a plant-based diet, or why just a few plant-based meals a week will help your mind and body.

According to the Nutrition Action Healthletter, “The Plant Lover Plate” has several reasons you may want to increase plant-based meals. https://store.nutritionaction.com/

Help Your Heart
The polyunsaturated fats found in nuts, beans, and soy reduce LDL. Diets high in plant-based foods contain less saturated fat overall, lowering risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
Sustain Your Brain
Fruits and vegetables are important foods to protect us against hypertension and stroke.
Cut the Risk of Cancer
A plant-based diet can help reduce cancer risk. Studies have shown as little as a 2 oz. serving of meat daily may increase the risk of all types of cancer.
Get more Nutrients
Plant-based foods contain A LOT of fiber which improves the health of your gut. This means your body can access and absorb the nutrients you need to support a healthy immune system. (Fiber also reduces
risk of cancer by improving bowl movements, it lowers cholesterol, and stabilizes blood sugar).

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