Status of Low Sodium Initiatives

Status of Low Sodium Initiatives

The current 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans has the following daily goals for sodium and potassium:

For ages 14 – 51+: 2,300 mg sodium and 4,700 mg potassium.

For ages 9 -13 years:  2,200 mg sodium and 4,500 mg potassium

For ages 4-8 years:  1,900 mg sodium, 3,800 mg potassium

For ages 1-3 years: 1,500 mg sodium, 3,000 mg potassium

New Dietary Guidelines for Americans are expected at the end of 2020.

Meantime, on October 2017 the CDC published a quick guide for consumers regarding sodium and dietary guidelines: . It suggested approximately 32% sodium reduction in the daily diet to less than 2300 mg/day vs the average consumption of 3400 mg/day.

This publication also suggests consumers ask their favorite restaurants, stores and food manufacturers to offer more low sodium options.

Should you have product development projects involving lowering sodium content, SPI Group offers a great set of tools to achieve those goals. Some of these are:

Saltwell Low-Sodium Sea Salt (35% lower sodium): suggested 1 to 1 replacement to conventional salt

ProDry Vinegar Powders: enhancing saltiness perception

NuTek Salt: patented Potassium chloride with improved taste perception

Toravita 028 SD and Toravita 029 SD: autolyzed yeast with ammonium chloride or potassium chloride

Supro Nuggets (soy protein nugget) with lower sodium content

Please contact your SPI Group representative if you would like more information about these solutions.