Functional Fiber Gels from Cellulose

Did you know that cellulose is the most common organic compound on Earth?  33% of all plant materials is cellulose. One of my favorite facts is that a carrot has the same amount of water as a glass of milk – 87% – all contained and held firm by cellulose. Cellulose Fiber is like a…
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Statistics to Help Navigate the Plant-Based Craze

Special thank you to Lisa Keefe, editor of Meatingplace, for speaking at the SMA annual convention in July.  I loved her talk on how the meat and food industry can work together to create great sustainable products to feed our futures. First myth – it is not plant OR meat.  It is plant AND meat.…
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SPI Group is proud to be celebrating our 50th anniversary!

Thank you to all of our customers and partners for your ongoing support!

NCIFT Visits SPI GROUP Facility

SPI Group was happy to host the NCIFT New Professionals at our facility, featuring a fantastic talk by our friends at Renewal Mill!  We were fascinated to hear about the company’s focus on food waste and upcycling.  We all learned about Okara:  not Okra, Okara (O-KAR-A).  Okara is a superfood derived from organic soymilk production –…
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Cure for your Uncured Meats

Prosur’s fruit and spice extracts, NatPre T-10 Plus, is very different alternative to Celery Powder for uncured meat applications.  “Uncured” meats containing Celery Powder are actually cured. Typically, “uncured” meats containing Celery Powder have the same amount of residual nitrites as conventionally cured meat containing sodium nitrite.  NatPre T-10 is a Mediterranean blend of fruit…
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Status of Low Sodium Initiatives

The current 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans has the following daily goals for sodium and potassium: For ages 14 – 51+: 2,300 mg sodium and 4,700 mg potassium. For ages 9 -13 years:  2,200 mg sodium and 4,500 mg potassium For ages 4-8 years:  1,900 mg sodium, 3,800 mg potassium For ages 1-3 years: 1,500…
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Plant based Solutions from SPI Group

“Plant Based” is on every list we could find for 2019 Food and Beverage Trend list! SPI Group was proud to host a full house at our recent Food Tech Talk:  Plant based Solutions.  All attendees were fascinated with DuPont’s proprietary “Plant Based Eating” research, detailing the seismic shifts in diets and the wave of…
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Food Extrusion Processing

The High Temperature Short Time extrusion process seems simple enough but technology to control all the process parameters and variables of ingredients make it a highly technical manufacturing process. The extrusion process produces minimal waste, with a minimal amount of labor along with increased product throughput. It’s a very efficient and economical way to produce…
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Fiber Facts

Friends of SPI Group recently participated in our 13th Food Tech Talk titled “Fiber Facts.” Did you know that 60% of American SAY they want to consume more fiber, but fewer than 5% of Americans actually get the daily recommended intake? J. Rettenmaier USA dietary fibers can help provide the nutritional fiber your consumers want,…
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NEW Non-GMO Project verified ProDry ingredients

SPI Group and Ohly Americas is pleased to announce our new NON GMO Project Verified PRODRY products.  “GMO-free” is one of the top five claims US shoppers seek when purchasing foods.  Non-GMO claims are found in a variety of product categories including snacks, bakery, dairy, drinks, soups and seasonings. Ohly Americas has launched this line…
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